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Incomplete: 100_tales; Muliple Pairings.

For: 100_tales.
Fandom(s) Used so far:
Final Fantasy VII [Aerith/Genesis, Aerith/Reno(x2)];
Crossover [Chloe/Jasper(SV/TW); Chloe/Sam(SV/SPN), Kitty/Nightwing(DC/Marvel), Elle/Oliver Queen(Heroes/SV), Lana Lang/Jacob Black(SV/TW), Oliver Queen/Rosalie Hale(SV/TW), Lois Lane/Jasper Hale(SV/TW), Brooklyn/Sharpay Evans(Gargoyles/HSM), Lita/Gambit(WWE/X-Men), ALex Russo/Jacob Black(WOWP/TW), Alex Russo/Zack Martin(WOWP/Suite Life)];
High School Musical [Sharpay/Gabriella, Gabriella/Troy, Sharpay/Troy(x2), Troy/Chad, Lucile/Jack Bolton, Chad/Sharpay; Chad/Taylor];
Smallville [Lana Lang/Oliver Queen.]
Twilight [Rosalie/Seth(x2); Emmett/Leah; Emmett/Rosalie; Edward/Leah; James/Rosalie; Edward/Angela; Rosalie/Jacob.];
Wizards of Waverly Place [Alex/Justin(x2).];
Heroes [Claire/West.];
The Covenant [Caleb/Pogue; Pogue/Reid];
Wrestling [Evan/Orton; Evan/Ted];
Friday Night Lights [Tim/Lyla.]
Being Human [Annie/Mitchell.]
X-Men [Rogue/Scott.]
Supernatural [Sam/Castiel.]
The Vampire Diaries [Bonnie/Damon]
Glee [Rachel/Santana]
Claim: Various Pairings.
Progress: 47/100.

001.Thunder. 002.Hail. 003.Snow. 004.Rain. 005.Sun.
006.Moon. 007.Stars. 008.Sky. 009.Clouds. 010.Wind.
011.Sunrise. 012.Sunset. 013.Red. 014.Blue. 015.Black.
016.Green. 017.Yellow. 018.Orange. 019.Purple. 020.Grey.
021.White. 022.Pink. 023.Brown. 024.Silver. 025.Spring.
026.Summer. 027.Autumn. 028.Winter. 029.Christmas. 030.New Year.
031.Valentine’s Day. 032.Thanksgiving. 033.Birthday. 034.Anniversary. 035.Birth.
036.Death. 037.Seconds. 038.Minutes. 039.Hours. 040.Days.
041.Weeks. 042.Months. 043.Years. 044.Dawn. 045.Dusk.
046.Past. 047.Present. 048.Future. 049.Love. 050.Comfort.
051.Kisses. 052.Hope. 053.Home. 054.Pleasure. 055.Kindness.
056.Together. 057.Light. 058.Life. 059.Trust. 060.Peace.
061.Hatred. 062.Hurt. 063.Despair. 064.Hopeless. 065.Leaving.
066.Pain. 067.Destruction. 068.Apart. 069.Dark. 070.Embarrassment.
071.Lies. 072.Broken. 073.Colour. 074.Decisions. 075.Rules.
076.Betrayal. 077.Passion. 078.Truth. 079.Loyalty. 080.Forgiveness.
081.Risk. 082.Nature. 083.Questions. 084.Watching. 085.Anger.
086.Choices. 087.Answers. 088.Thought. 089.Desire. 090.Travel.
091.Assignment. 092.Loss. 093.Caring. 094.Duty. 095.People.
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099. Writer's Choice. 100. Writer's Choice.

Tags: !bringthefate, challenge: 100_tales, fandom: batman, fandom: crossovers, fandom: final fantasy vii, fandom: friday night lights, fandom: gargoyles, fandom: heroes, fandom: high school musical, fandom: smallville, fandom: supernatural, fandom: the covenant, fandom: twilight, fandom: wizards of waverly place, fandom: wrestling, fandom: x-men, status: in progress
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